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IT Diversity offers clients a better way to procure Broadband Products and Supporting Solutions. Our executives led the development of 80 of the first competitive fiber optic networks and have built strong relationships with over 60 broadband carriers. Our access to extensive broadband inventory is combined with our strategic sourcing and design expertise to yield unique network solutions at amazing prices. We go beyond the typical VAR relationship to forge Strategic Partnerships with our clients that make us an integral part of their business success.

Clients benefit from our ability to locate broadband capacity in remote locations, engineer diverse low latency routes and integrate multi-carrier networks in a consolidated delivery platform. We specialize in SD WAN Optimization projects which yield incredible savings over MPLS. Through our Technology Expense Management solutions we can analyze, cleanse, optimize, re-negotiate or re-bid your embedded base of broadband to deliver exceptional savings of over 25%. We invite you to try us out with a Quote Request or schedule a meeting to discuss how we can partner together.

Our Popular Broadband Products:

Direct Internet Access: DIA

Fast Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet (10-100GB)

Business Class Internet

Fiber, DSL or Cable

Point to Point:

Dedicated Wavelengths for Low Latency 10GB to 100GB

Multi-Point for Scalability

Low Latency Networks for Critical Applications and Financial Clients

Dark Fiber for unique control and security


Combine Dedicated Internet with SD-WAN, Managed Router & Managed Security for efficiency, control and Savings

Segregate and Route Critical Application Traffic to low latency networks

Shift bandwidth between sites with a click of a mouse

Future Proof Your Network, eliminating costly and obsolete Hardware

Our Value Added Broadband Solutions

MPLS to SD WAN Optimization

Multi Carrier Managed Solutions

Aggregated Carrier Single Solutions

Diverse Routes

Remote Locations

Procurement Management

Technology Expense Management

Inventory Management and Bid Out